The great closet clean up

As part of my effort to simplify my life, I have been doing away with excess. And for the past nine months I have been getting rid of things that I no longer really need.

One of the easiest things to simplify? The closet.

I decided to follow the lead of Marie Kondo and try and “spark joy.” It’s definitely a good test of “do I want it or need it?”

Unlike Kondo, I decided to wear everything one last time. Just to see how it fits, to see if it would spark joy that way. Sometimes it’s hard to decide by just looking at the article of clothing.  Now, nine months later, I have closets that look like this:

(I am honestly too embarrassed to post what they looked like before. Let’s just say that I was able to wear a different outfit every day for three months. NO repeats.)

Having a closet where you can see everything, find everything in a flash, and actually want to wear everything really changes your life. And when I wear something that no longer sparks joy, it goes into the pile for my upcoming garage sale.

It’s now become a personal challenge, to see how much I can simplify, how long I can go without having to buy anything (it has been ten months since I bought clothes for myself), and still constantly do away with what is not needed. My guesstimate is that it will be another year before “necessities” start to kick in. But even then, I am really going to try and maintain a closet that looks like this:


*Note: Not sure if it was noticed, but I also divided the clothes between darks and lights. That way I know exactly where to look for what it is I want to wear!


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