take your dreams seriously

The TVD quote turned message by my friend.

This Monday marks the third week that I have been posting a ‘graphic message of the day’ on Instagram.  I started with one inspiring message that I found in a restaurant.  Then I decided to put up photos of the rest of the posters I found in that restaurant.  Next, I visited the site workisnotajob.com and downloaded some of their pictures; posting their photos along with a hashtag.

Today I am considering something different.  Maybe it’s because I only have one #workisnotajob photo to go, or maybe it’s because I got a friend of mine to create a graphic message for me using a photo she found online and a line I heard from TVD, but I have started to entertain the idea of creating my own graphic messages.  Well, I am not a graphic artist, but I think I can get one to work with me, maybe get a photographer to provide photos, and I can provide the words.  It’s not a completely new idea, and I actually gave a friend of mine the same suggestion a month or so ago because she is quite good at spouting out these gems of wisdom.

Why am I talking about this?

Because today’s ‘graphic message of the day’ encourages everyone to take their dreams seriously.  And I realised that I would love a collection of messages.  It’s a passion project.  And since this year is all about pursuing passion, then it is something I will do.

Connected to taking dreams seriously, I am currently wracking my brain for a good story to write for an upcoming writing contest.  It’s going to be the first time in a long time that I will be submitting an entry to a contest, and I can feel myself overthinking the process already… Oy vey.  Wish me luck!


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