1. Me. Me. Me.
  2. What is important to me?
    What makes me feel safe?
  3. Let me tell you–let me properly tell you–
    about my childhood.
  4. The tidy home. The messy room.
    What my life will probably be.
  5. Let me be creative. I’ll add roses
    and music while I am at it.
  6. Let me dedicate myself, endeavour.
    I’ll worry about sickness later.
  7. I’m not trying to make problems.
    We all have them. The things that will
    not be named. The secrets? The stolen…
    Feelings, thoughts, words, objects like
    my heart in your pocket.
  8. Perhaps we should go on a trip,
  9. or maybe study something new?
    Both lead to reinvention.
  10. Because what you do and what people see;
    That’s only one side of the polyhedral.
  11. Your friends know. I know.
    That there is you and there is you.
  12. That last one is saved for magick.
    For soul. For musk and shadow.
    For stardust and light.
    That last one is saved for the wind
    and all the other elements combined.
    For me.

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