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On many days, I look at my calendar and list of things to do and realise what things I won’t have time for in the coming week.  Maybe it’s blogging, maybe it’s dinner with friends, or maybe its getting the car washed.  One of the trademarks of being busy is knowing what you don’t have time to do.

But all that can change unexpectedly.

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In the wake of typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan,) I found that my busy schedule still had time in it.  Time to coordinate with friends and officials for collection and transportation of relief goods, time to disseminate information, and time to have discussions on long-term efforts and goals for how we can help in the rebuilding of the lives of our countrymen in the Visayas.  And I found time to do these things while still keeping my appointments, hosting a Sunday workshop, planning & scheduling Homegrown’s 2014 events, meeting friends for dinner, and all the other little things I had on my schedule these past ten days.

This sudden wealth of time made me wonder: Where does all my time usually go?

Surely I must be wasting it.  Because if somehow I found time to fit in these extra tasks that I may have originally thought I didn’t have time for, then what could be taking up so much time on a regular basis?  What was taking up so much time before?  Am I spending it on less important things, like polite discussions on the weather? (No pun intended.)

Bringing the subject up with some friends, they all had similar reflections.  It seems that times of crisis make us think about time;  the way we spend it, what we spend it on, and how the answers to these questions define and dictate the people we are and will become.

You won’t find some great realisation or epiphany as I close of this entry.  The subject is still something to give thought to, especially moving forward.  Although I have created a friendly reminder to hang in my bedroom and one that pops up on my phone telling me that I did find time and was able to make time when I thought I had none left.  Hopefully it will help call my attention to the fact that whatever it is, there’s time to do it.


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