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Coming back from another work-imposed blog hiatus.  Work has just been so crazy busy.


In the past month and a half, I have noticed that whenever I am asked what I do, I very honestly say: “I don’t know. I am adventuring.”  This of course raises eyebrows, so I go with another truthful answer: “I am Homegrown Media’s Culture Curator.”  That answer either keeps eyebrows up or leads to a puzzled look.  (I’ve tried switching the answers around and I get the same effect.)


As Homegrown’s Culture Curator, I not only wear many hats, but I also continuously experiment with things, test, and adventure.  So it’s difficult to answer the question “what do you do?” because not only do I not do just one thing, but I am also working on constantly evolving things.


Still not clear, right?  Well, as I said, I wear many hats.  I am our event planner/ brainstormer/ designer.  I am the event host.  I am the head of video production, which means I am in charge of our video content from concept to post production.  I write for our editorial team; actually everyone on Team Homegrown writes for the website.  I meet with our partners and supporters.  I try to connect people so that they can collaborate and further their various projects.  I try to meet new entrepreneurs and SME owners and stay up to date with what they are doing.


All these things can’t be said in one sentence, and they definitely don’t fit into any of the conventional business titles.  That’s why my business partner and I came up with the term “Culture Curator”–that and everyone on Homegrown has unconventional titles.


Given more thought though, I realised that what I do is find stories and tell stories.  That is fitting because Homegrown’s initial objective was to tell and share stories and find ways to make those stories useful and relevant to others.


Everything we do at Homegrown furthers someone else’s story.  Never just our own.  Again this is fitting because every aspiring writer really wants to be a storyteller, and it seems I found work that lets me tell stories in many different ways.


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